What Is UMA (UMA)? | Binance Academy

What Is UMA (UMA)? | Binance Academy


UMA is an optimistic oracle (OO) designed to file any knowable fact onto a blockchain.  Oracles are entities that join blockchains to the skin world. An optimistic oracle is a kind of oracle that feeds real-world knowledge right into a decentralized system; this knowledge is assumed to be correct if there are not any disputes round it. The optimistic oracle, referred to as a “human-powered truth machine,” goals to introduce flexibility and unlock Web3’s limitless potential with the target of constructing world markets universally honest, accessible, safe and decentralized.


UMA was co-founded in 2017 by Hart Lambur. In December 2018, the UMA venture white paper was unveiled, and shortly after, the builders introduced an official launch of the UMA venture and launched the USStocks token as the primary product on the core community. UMA held an preliminary liquidity providing in April 2021, the first-ever preliminary providing of a decentralized trade on Uniswap. 

UMA, which stands for Universal Market Access, is an optimistic oracle that secures markets and good contracts throughout Web3. Due to imperfect or inaccurate info, off-chain knowledge wanted to fulfill situations for good contracts could also be inadequate or incorrect. Current oracles are too inflexible as they feed singular values and are unable to account for different types of knowledge. To accomodate imperfect info, OOs incentivize individuals to confirm the accuracy of knowledge, facilitating superior knowledge verification with a human component.

How does UMA work?

There are three actors in UMA’s Optimistic Oracle system: the contract requesting the info, the participant providing the info, and a possible disputant, who can dispute knowledge in the event that they disagree.


UMA’s OO incentivizes its community of token holders to make sure that correct knowledge is equipped on-chain. The OO can present any knowledge by its neighborhood of token holders, including a human component to its knowledge verification course of. 


Typically, the contract asks for knowledge and specifies a dispute interval (which may vary from a couple of minutes to a couple days). The proposer posts a bond and gives an information level, which is as much as being disputed. After the dispute interval has handed, the info is assumed to be true and is delivered to the blockchain, and the proposer will get their bond again. Within the dispute interval, somebody  could really feel that the info is inaccurate and problem it.


Sometimes, there could present up a disputer who disagrees with the proposer’s knowledge. The disputer posts a bond as effectively, and the dispute goes to a vote. UMA token holders resolve the dispute inside 48 hours. If the disputer is correct, they get a portion of the proposer’s deposit as a reward; if the disputer is fallacious, they lose their deposit as a penalty, a portion of which fits to the proposer. Voting within the oracle has three phases: 

  • Open voting: A 24-hour interval when the vote is recorded.

  • Voting affirmation: A interval when customers’ votes are revealed and the outcomes are tallied.

  • Reward declare: A interval the place customers who voted “correctly” can declare the reward in UMA tokens generated by the protocol.

Rewards will compound as they’re claimed. Claiming the rewards locations the tokens in customers’ wallets, making them energetic voting tokens that can improve the person’s voting energy with every profitable vote.

UMA’s good contracts are designed primarily for builders constructing decentralized purposes. However, all UMA token homeowners can take part in UMA’s optimistic oracle. UMA is a ERC-20 token constructed on Ethereum that may be held in wallets like Metamask, Trezor, or Ledger, which should be linked to the UMA DApp to allow voting.


What makes UMA distinctive?

UMA’s OO gives human-powered knowledge dispute decision between good contracts. Unlike commonplace price-feed oracles which might be inflexible and solely present singular, repeatable values onto a blockchain, OOs present a strategy to reconcile imperfect or ambiguous knowledge between good contracts. OOs are extra versatile than different oracles as a result of they’ll present any type of knowable fact from off-chain, like a sports activities rating, climate situations or election outcomes, which makes such methods’ potential for Web3 limitless. 

What is the UMA token?

UMA is an ERC-20 token and the inspiration of the UMA safety mannequin. As talked about, holders of the token can participate in neighborhood voting on disputed knowledge. UMA holders earn rewards after they take part in voting. An inflationary reward equal to 0.05% of the present UMA provide is distributed to energetic voters every time the community goes to vote. 

Token holders are additionally concerned in governance, protocol upgrades, and system modifications.

The preliminary provide of the token was 100 million. In April of 2021, UMA hosted the primary ever preliminary decentralized trade providing on Uniswap, with an preliminary worth of 0.26 USD. Of the remaining 98 million tokens, 48.5 million have been reserved for the founders of the venture, 35 million tokens have been allotted to the builders of the community, and 14.5 million tokens have been put apart for future gross sales. 

In 2021, Risk Labs, the inspiration that had initiated UMA, transferred 35 million tokens to the UMA DAO, permitting UMA token holders to vote on when and the place to deploy these funds for the ecosystem’s progress.

What’s subsequent for UMA?

UMA’s enterprise improvement group is specializing in two business segments: prediction markets and insurance coverage. 

Currently, danger administration platform Sherlock makes use of UMA’s oracle as a backstop for his or her insurance coverage coverage dispute system. Polymarket, an info markets platform, will quickly be capable of ask UMA’s OO questions that different oracles couldn’t trustlessly deal with. 

UMA can be anticipating to see appreciable progress in DAO tooling for governance and incentives. Outcome.Finance, powered by UMA, is providing DAOs methods to run trustless incentive packages. Risk Labs is the group and basis behind UMA, in addition to its associate organizations, Across Protocol and Outcome.Finance. UMA and its OO are at the moment supporting the Across cross chain bridge.

How to purchase UMA on Binance?  

You should buy UMA on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. 

1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Trade] -> [Spot]. 

2. Type “UMA” on the search bar to see the accessible buying and selling pairs. We will use UMA/BUSD for instance.

3. Go to the [Spot] field and enter the quantity of UMA you need to purchase. In this instance, we are going to use a Market order. Click [Buy UMA] to substantiate your order, and the bought UMA can be credited to your Spot Wallet.

Closing ideas

UMA’s Optimistic Oracle has secured tons of of hundreds of thousands of {dollars} since its launch in 2018. As builders start to know and incorporate optimistic oracles, there could come a time when OOs are central to quite a lot of protocols, DAOs, integrations, and merchandise.

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